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Blacktip Aerial offers drone photography, videography, and mapping services to the sunny skies of the Florida Keys and South Florida. In September 2016, Blacktip Aerial merged with Toledo Aerial Media and now operate from our headquarters in Toledo, Ohio. With clients around the United States, we continue to maintain a client base throughout Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Lower Keys, Key West, Miami, and surrounding areas.

With years of experience in the radio control space, we have vast knowledge and the necessary equipment to fulfill your needs. We love drones and it shows throughout our whole process.

We’re a member of the Drone Pilots Association and an affiliate member of The Florida Keys Board of Realtors® and the Florida Keys Chapter of Women's Council of Realtors®.

Certified & Insured
We are certified commercial remote pilots under FAA Part 107 and also hold a Section 333 exemption. We always focus on safety and abide by Federal Aviation Regulations.

Also, we carry a $1 million aeronautical insurance policy which covers people and property during our operations. Rest assured when we’re on the job for you, your business and property are covered.


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